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10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart
Darwin Deez
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August 31, 2018

Darwin's fourth album, 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart, is not just a break-up album. It’s a double break-up album and, he says, “terrible relationships produce good songs.” It’s also, refreshingly in today’s pop-world, a collaboration free album. There are no co-writes, no featured artists, no producers, no mixers, even no mastering engineers. All roles were filled by Darwin himself. There were also no recording studios, Darwin is forever the original DIY bedroom artist.

One of the very few true indie-pop stars; the ones blessed with rare, innate and learnt qualities, who shine just as vibrantly offstage as on, who have the genetic good fortune to be able to write whip-smart, life- affirming, heart-swelling songs, and synchronously be interesting and entertaining, and without whom the cultural landscape would be that much greyer and duller. Across the album he again demonstrates the clear complexity and color in his personality, sometimes somewhat cynically scathing and downright dark, but always belligerently insightful, super sensitively melding lysergic lyrics with perfect minor chords, pulling whistling harmonies and sweetly tuned trumpets from his rabbit's hat. There is a wider range of instruments, timbres & tones, both instrumentally & vocally, than ever on this record, always delivering the most standout sing-a-long with the most original aplomb.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 The World's Best Kisser 3:47 Buy

    The World's Best Kisser

  2. 2 Anna-Maria 3:17 Buy


  3. 3 Queen of Spades 2:42 Buy

    Queen of Spades

  4. 4 Getaway 3:52 Buy


  5. 5 Say It First 3:17 Buy

    Say It First

  6. 6 Drive Around 3:37 Buy

    Drive Around

  7. 7 Too Shy To Take A Shine 2:42 Buy

    Too Shy To Take A Shine

  8. 8 All My Friends 2:29 Buy

    All My Friends

  9. 9 Someone New 3:30 Buy

    Someone New

  10. 10 Daddy Always 3:26 Buy

    Daddy Always

Darwin Deez

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